Incurably Eclectic

This is a two-part update to my previous post, Making Things. The first update is: my Etsy shop, Incurably Eclectic, is now live! I had some previously-listed items that I had allowed to expire, so those were easy to start with, but I plan to add more variety in coming weeks. I really do like to make a lot of different things from many different materials, and on top of that I have ideas based on several different themes, so the overall effect will likely be very eclectic, indeed.

Right now my settings are such that I can only ship items within the United States, but if you are a reader of this blog and would like something shipped to another country, please contact me. I’m intimidated by international shipping options, but I have done it once or twice in the past, so I am sure we can work something out. I just wanted to give myself some time to figure it all out before opening things up to shipping everywhere.

The second update is that I have finally finished the chainmail dice bag I mentioned in that earlier post. It took ten hours and 1,455 rings to make, but I am very happy with the dense, fabric-like nature of the weave. I’m still going to have to find a bigger ring size that will let me make these in a more cost-effective manner, though; I want to find a balance between something that will work up quickly but also have a fairly dense weave that feels nice in your fingers.

Here are some pictures of the finished bag. Oh, and I’m also on Instagram with more pictures of my crafts, including Etsy listings. I’m incurablyeclectic there as well. 🙂

Stainless steel chainmail bag holding white and yellow diceStainless steel chainmail bag, empty and spread out on its sideStainless steel chainmail bag, cinched closed and shown from the top