Beneath the Snow

I’ve been in pulled-back mode lately, quietly creating underground. It’s still winter, after all, and not yet time for outward growth. But there is something more than that; I know I am affected deeply by many things in this world, but sometimes it takes me some time to recognize just how deeply. And there are many things that take me time to come to talk about, or write about, in a way that I can put out into the world.

Maybe that’s been my primary challenge when it comes to maintaining a blog. I start one in a period of expansion, of putting my words out there for others to read. But then comes a time of contraction, when my focus turns toward taking information in more than sending my opinions out. Often I am still writing, still creating, during this time, but it is more raw, not yet ready for public consumption. Or perhaps I am more raw, not yet ready to have my words read and judged by others.

Like the woods I live in, I need this time of (apparent) dormancy, of gathering energy for the next season of expansion. I look out on the snowy landscape and know that life is doing its work, as am I.


5 thoughts on “Beneath the Snow

  1. Dear EA, This reminds me of last week/ I put my snowshoes on and walked down the the stream and vernal pool. There was enough snowmelt to expose the tunnels made by voles or mice running around in labyrintsh of happy , newly come into the light, just the very tops melted off. All this activity just beneath my windows, under snow, and out of sight.

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  2. I love this 😊 Your talents are never in question in my mind ❤️ Sure, it may appear to be a dormancy, but that’s merely an illusion, for there is so much behind-the-scenes energy happening underneath. The process of recharging, of refocusing, of rebuilding. The expansion and contraction are like yin and yang; to know one, one must know the other 😊

    Very nice post! As usual, I can relate. You’ve expressed this beautiful phenomenon quite well ❤️

    ~The Silent Wave Blog writer 💙

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