It Is Raining in My Brain

Rainy days make me sleepy. Rainy/icy winter days make me want to hibernate for a good long time.

I had a pretty good day despite the weather — decent work day, great session with my therapist (though that did require driving in the aforementioned rainy/icy weather), and some interesting reading on gender that is going to be swirling around my mind for a while. But now I’m just done.

I was hoping to get in some good project time after finishing work, or put in a little time on  some training I am doing on a new area of testing, but I am having trouble stringing together enough words for this short blog post. I describe this feeling sometimes as my brain being “fuzzed out.” Thoughts become a static fog, like a three-dimensional version of old-fashioned “snow” on a TV screen when channels weren’t broadcasting. (Since I know I’m dating myself, here is a YouTube video of TV static.)

Sensory overload can trigger this for me, as can mental fatigue, and apparently when it is raining I have a much lower threshold for it. Fun.

So I am going to relax now, maybe do some light reading instead of study, and maybe play a game for a while. Happy Tuesday!


2 thoughts on “It Is Raining in My Brain

  1. Rainy days do that to me too – actually it just has to be overcast for my brain to get slow and foggy. Several consecutive dark days will just about shut me down. I often joke about my brain being ‘solar powered’ but it really isn’t funny when it’s happening. :-/

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