This is a very welcome time to have a  three-day weekend ahead of me. Last weekend I had four days off, but it wasn’t entirely relaxing. For one thing, I was visiting family for the holidays, which involves a lot of stress even when it’s an otherwise pleasant visit. And then on top of that, we all ended up catching a very nasty stomach flu, which left us all sick as dogs at one point or another. (The dog, ironically, was fine.)

So I ended up getting back wishing I could have a weekend to recover from my weekend. And now I have one! Better late than never, eh?

Today was fairly uneventful; I spent a little time this morning taking pictures of the fresh snowfall (about 6″) around our woods, then did my testing work. To clear my head after that, I took the dog on about a 2-mile walk down the snowy road. Only saw one vehicle on the street during that time, but the wind kept gusting and made the dog and I both keep thinking that there was another car coming up behind us.

After that I had plans to work on a couple of different projects, but I got caught up redesigning my Twitter header and icon as well as looking at new themes for this blog. It was on the list, I just didn’t expect to get so involved with it. (It didn’t help that changing the Gravatar for my WordPress account was really glitchy and took forever; I’m giving it some time to see if it actually worked.)

And now I’m completely fried from looking at WordPress themes too long. 🙂 For the rest of the evening, I think I will play some Skyrim to unwind. It’s been a little while since I’ve had time to play, but I think I left off exploring a seemingly endless Dwemer ruin looking for an Elder Scroll. It’s gotta be down there somewhere!


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